10155510_849638131776829_5302337138716913365_nI’m a 23-year-old Chamorro/Filipino American. Born and raised in Fairfield, California, then made a spontaneous move to San Francisco. I was mostly Filipino raised by my grandparents after my parents divorced. In my younger years, I was supposed to study to become a nurse as expected. However, that wasn’t my passion. I love to write. It wasn’t until high school where  I decided to pursue a career in Journalism. Not only for the opportunities to travel and write, but to expose the truth. I’m going into a career field that has a bad reputation. This is why we need more investigative reporting, instead of the media basing their stories on similar past stories with the same titles. As Gary Webb and many of the fallen journalists who were supposedly missing or committed suicide once said, “people deserve to know the truth.” It is an oath we made once our hands touch the keyboard.

My blog consists of personal journals, persuasive essays, news articles, poetry and features.

Facebook: xoxo.cassie92

Instagram: hafa.nice.adai



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